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Bring Idea Into Action

We are the leading consulting service provider with offices in Beijing and Singapore. Since its establishment in 2002, E-C has been successfully helping medium and small size foreign companies to extend their business in China and other Asian countries. Based on the experiences in serving a wide variety of clients worldwide, and good understanding of Chinese and Asian market, E-C is the premium provider of first-class professional services in China.

We are also a globally renowned software developer of computer translation technology. We have an advanced software development environment and an established quality management system. In additional to a software development team specializing in advanced computational linguistics technologies, we also have a team of language experts who are familiar with both eastern and western culture. We enjoy an absolute advantage in areas such as database development and application, corpus linguistics research and application, development of Chinese/English comparable corpus, development of automatic language profiling technology, as well as the R&D of machine translation (MT) systems.

Since 2002, the company has established a partnership with Beijing CCID (China Centre for Information Industry Development) TransTech Co., Ltd, in the joint efforts to develop the language resources database and the automatic translation platform for 2003 Dublin Special Olympics and 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

In terms of technology transfer, the company has succeeded in transferring the machine translation technology of CCID TransTech to the European Patent Office (EPO), and other public and private organizations in a number of EU member states.

Main Service Categories

Technology Transfer: is our bridge between those who generate knowledge and those who can apply the knowledge into practical application.

Sales and Relationship Network: is our nationwide office network supporting customers in distributing product/service and in seeking resource and information.

Strategy Research and Administration Centre: is our initiative to help our clients by evaluating and proposing the suitable sales and marketing strategy for foreign companies in China.

Technical Support and Training Centre: is our learning hub in providing after-sale support and on-site training on behalf of our clients to their respective customers in China



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